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28 Too Many

E-appeals for 28 Too Many

Jacknella assists 28 Too Many writing copy for e-appeals and fundraising advice. We help them to achieve success with their e-appeals and campaigns.

"Jacknella helped us with our e-campaigns and messaging copy and greatly increased e-campaign income."
Dr Ann-Marie Wilson, Executive Director, 28toomany.

28 Too Many is a values based charity working to end female genital mutilation (FGM). The primary focus is on research and enabling local initiatives to end FGM in 28 African countries where it is practised and across the diaspora – including the UK.

28 Too Many also network and advocate for the global eradication of FGM, working closely with other charities and organisations in the violence against women sector. Ann-Marie Wilson was recently awarded the British Citizenship award at the House of Lords in recognition of her work researching and campaigning against FGM.