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Corporate gifts for Feet First

Jacknella have helped Feet First for several years in accessing grants, gifts from corporate donors and in memoriam.

"SaveWaterSaveMoney.co.uk is delighted to be an active supporter of Feet First Worldwide, through Jacknella's introduction to their orthopaedic work in Malawi."
Tim Robertson, Managing Director.

"Following the death of our mother, my sister and I were keen to make a number of charitable donations in her memory. Talking to Jacknella, we could not have found a more sympathetic or inspiring advocate. Jacknella clearly care passionately about the charities they support and work with. We were happy to make a substantial donation to Feet First and are sure that this charity would have had our mother's whole hearted support."

Feet First Worldwide send out orthopaedic teams to Africa and Asia, specialising in the treatment of clubfoot and promoting a nonsurgical treatment for the correction of clubfoot in infants called Ponseti.

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