Fundraising tips

Creative ideas

At Jacknella we’re thinking day and night about how to make your campaign a success, coming up with the proposition in creative and interesting ways.

Understand your data

Hmm that one looks good, let’s try that, or maybe that one. Jacknella with our partners can analyse your data and see your donor’s wellbeing – armed with this accurate information we can direct targeted campaigns.

Acquisition is a marathon

At Jacknella we know the importance of investing in Acquisition to get ahead and keep ahead. We are specialists in getting the right new donors for your sector.

Social media

Of course engaging is social media vital – but it’s not your best fundraising tool. Jacknella will help you to figure out how to get the best income from social media with integrated campaigns and what works best.

The fat middle

It can be tempting to invest solely in cracking the major donors ‘nuts’ and ignore the mid level, but it’s not called a fat middle for nothing! Jacknella can create strategies for Major and Mid donor development.

Print gives integrity

Print is still very much alive. At Jacknella we love print and the integrity it can deliver.

Test, test and test again

At Jacknella through creative thought, asking searching questions and testing we work out creative and effective campaigns that increase your ROI and donor engagement.

Direct mail still works

Direct mail still works; integration with other channels is key. Jacknella can work with you to develop your direct mail strategy as part of integrated campaigns.

Print and mail audit

Jacknella can do a thorough audit of your print and mailing costs, in most cases dramatically cutting cost, so more can go on your projects and programmes.

The power of film

At Jacknella we understand the power of the visual – especially film.