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Adult literacy classes
Adult literacy classes
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Childrens Bible Clubs
Childrens Bible Clubs

Data analysis and strategies

We’ve worked with Mission India for several years. We are currently analysing their data and putting strategies in place to develop mid-level and major donor relationships. We also developed strategies through wealth screening to understand the data better for not only mid/md, but also welcoming new supporters in a targeted manner.

"Jacknella has worked with us to help develop our Mid/MD donor programme to identify and target our resources. This included wealth screening to enable us to understand our data better and how to respond to it."
Carrie Spyrou, Mission India UK, Founding Trustee

Mission India is a Christian organisation working amongst the poorest of the poor and unreached in India, offering training and resourcing through Christian partners throughout India.

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Understanding your data and donor wellbeing is key.
Jacknella with our partners can analyse your data and see your donor’s wellbeing – armed with this accurate information we can direct targeted campaigns.